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The Four Steps of Healing

Human diseases find expression in the body due to four reasons and that actually coincides with the four actions of man .

Other than the hereditary and congenital diseases , all the diseases follow this rule .
The four basic actions of man are
1 ) Breathing
2 ) Eating ,
these two are essential for staying alive
3 ) Thinking
4 ) Physical action
Mistakes humans commit in these four actions lead
to the manifestation of diseases in the human
system . So , any correction of the diseases has
to be four pronged and should lead to
1 ) Correct breathing
2 ) Correct Eating
3 ) Right thinking
4 ) Right actions

Mankind should try to adopt this holistic approach
to their disease correction to get back their health .

Body is the temple of the soul
and we should maintain it well ,
since it is like a car given by God to reach the
Destination . If we damage the vehicle ,
we get a new car and this goes on until we reach the destination .
Lets use the vehicle wisely and reach the destination .

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